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About us

Swiss Pearls, based in Geneva, Switzerland, since 2006, has established itself as one of the finest natural pearl dealers on the market. Specialising in rare and exceptional pearls and gemstones, the company deals in high quality natural pearls, precious stones, old-cut diamonds and antique jewellery.

From inception, ecological and social impacts have always been major concerns for Swiss Pearls. Dealing mainly in second hand jewellery, reusing or “recycling” natural pearls, gemstones, and antique diamonds from vintage and antique pieces was a way to reduce usage of new resources (extraction, etc.). When working with newly produced materials, such as natural pearls or emeralds, visiting the source to witness first-hand how these precious materials were extracted was a priority before developing new supply chains.

It is therefore quite natural that Swiss Pearls has become involved in various projects, such as the ASNP Ethics Charter (Swiss Gemstone Dealer Association), and has been certified by RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council) for is daily business practices.

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